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Final Exit Network Upcoming Events
Future Events in RED -- Most recent at bottom.

Meeting with National Senior Medical Advisor
Dr. Richard MacDonald

February 12, 2014 at 2 p.m. In Tucson

February 13 at 10:30 a.m. (doors open at 10)

Green Valley, East Social Center

7 S. Abrego Drive



Dr. MacDonald will also be speaking with

Registered Nurses and Guests

at La Posada Recreation Center

at 6 p.m. on the 13th.

In Green Valley

These completed very successfully with Dr. MacDonald very well received.  



Tucson City Council Ward VI

3202 E. 1st Street

Near Country Club and Speedway


GV events at E. Social Center

and La Posada

Members Only Advocacy Training

 February 28 and March 7 = 2 Fridays

2-4 p.m.


Good session with 12 present.
Call John at 520-235-5646 for details

Members Only Helium Demonstration

Tuesday, March 4

2-4 p.m.

Good session with 29 attendees. 
 Call John at 520-235-5646 for details

Slide Show Presentation about Final Exit Network

February 23

Prescott Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

10 a.m.

Great event, thanks to Jerry, Patti, and Eunice. Not quite "standing room only."
Looks like a Final Exit Network group will form in Prescott. 
Now meeting on the first Saturday of each month at 10 a.m. 
Call John at 520-235-5646 for details

Presentation about Final Exit Network

and The Right to Die

Monday, April 14, at 11 a.m.

This went well, with moderate interest.

At the U-Like Asian Buffet

330 S. Wilmot in Tucson

for members of the

National Association of Retired Federal Employees

"Advocacy Training"
How to Get The Death You Want
for Final Exit Network Members and others

Two consecutive Saturdays

November 8 and November 15, 2014

10 a.m. to 12 Noon

FUll with 29 Registrants!

You must register for this ahead of time

by contacting John at 520-235-5646.

Held at Milagro in Tucson.

Members Only Helium Demonstration

Saturday, December 6, 2014

10 a.m. to 12 Noon


Went well with about 16 present.

You must register for this ahead of time

by contacting John at 520-235-5646.

Held at Milagro in Tucson.

Presentation of "How to Get The Death You Want!"

November 13, 2014

6 p.m. at La Posada Recreation Center

in Green Valley

OK with about 40 nurses present.

This is for the Retired Nurses' Group

Contact John at 520-235-5646 for details.

 "Advocacy Training"
How to Get The Death You Want
for Final Exit Network Members and others

Tucson Sessions on October 10 and 17, 2015.

Two consecutive Saturdays

10 a.m. to 12 Noon


These two sessions will take place at 
 Continental Ranch Community Center
8881 N. Coachline Boulevard
in Marana 

Advance registration required.

Contact John at 520-235-5646.

 Members Only Helium Demonstration

Cancelled and combined with Tucson event of Dec. 6.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

From 10 a.m. to 12 Noon

In Green Valley, AZ

This will take place at the home of

a Final Exit Network member.

Advance registration required.

Contact John at 520-235-5646.

Public Meeting -- bring a friend!

Meeting with National Senior Medical Advisor

Dr. Richard MacDonald
From his presentation in February:
"Dr. Richard MacDonald's presentation was superb. He was well-informed, very articulate, and spoke from the heart.
He is obviously a man of great skill and compassion. His casual manner engaged everyone and he was more than sufficiently
disarming while addressing such a difficult subject as the right to die."
"The lecture today was excellent...well organized and presented in an
avuncular, relaxed manner with light moments of levity. It is clear why he
has been asked to be present at so many deaths. Thank you for bringing him to Tucson."

Saturday, November 22, 2014

FEN members, friends, and the public

invited to an informative and engaging

presentation. Morning in Green Valley,

Afternoon in Tucson.

 Great presentations by Dr. MacDonald! About 110 present for these.
At E. Social Center in GV from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.
At Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Tucson, 2-4 p.m.

PHOENIX Area Organizational Meetings
Chandler and Sun City
Open to the public -- bring a friend!
 Presentation about Final Exit Network

and The Right to Die

 Saturday, July 19, 2014
from 10 a.m. to 12 noon
in Chandler.
Saturday, July 19
2-4 p.m. in Sun City.

These sessions went well, but we had a light turnout.
No PHX area group yet.
 Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation
6400 West Del Rio Street
Chandler, AZ
Unity Spiritual Center, Sun City
10101 W. Coggins Drive, Sun City, AZ

Presentation on "How to Get The Death You Want."

Monday, October 27, 2014

1 p.m. 

Went well with about 45 attendees.

13500 N. Rancho Vistoso Blvd.

Tucson, AZ 85755

Splendido Intellectual Pursuits Program (SIPP) 

Contact John for more information: 520-235-5646. 

Faye Girsh to speak in Tucson and Green Valley

Free to Public -- Bring friends! 

·  Lifetime Achievement Award, Hemlock Society USA, 2003

·  Senior Adviser, Final Exit Network

·  Vice President, Hemlock Society of San Diego

·  Past President, The Hemlock Society USA 

·  Board Member and Newsletter Editor, World Federation of Right to Die Societies

·  Board Member, ERGO

·  Board Member, Americans for Death with Dignity

Saturday, November 14, 2015



Green Valley Community Church (Methodist) in the morning, 10 - 12 noon

and Tucson, Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church, afternoon, 2-4 pm 

Save the date. 

Public meeting -- Overview of Final Exit Network and what we have to offer.

Please invite a friend to come to this.

Very well received -- several new FEN mambers. 

March 25, 2015. Wednesday.

About 60 - 90 minutes at 1:30 p.m. 

Oro Valley Library, Tucson

1305 W. Naranja Drive

Oro Valley, 85747 

Members Only Helium Demonstration
Another success and did one in Tucson as well. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 

In Green Valley

At a member's home

Call John for more information 

Overview of Right to Die and FEN

Open to the public

Sunday, June 7, 2015
11:30 - 12:30
Church = Unity of Tucson 
3617 N Camino Blanco
Completed wtih small turnout but well-recieved. 


"How to Get the Death You Want"

Open to Public

Sunday, June 14, 2015
11:30 - 12:30
Church = Unity of Tucson


 The Next Great Civil Right
The Right to Die

    Most of us in this country will die some sort of managed death. Someone will inevitably make decisions for us about our treatment as death approaches.  Why not have that someone be YOU!

    There are currently three organizations in the USA promoting the right to die: Final Exit Network (FEN) (http://www.finalexitnetwork.org); Compassion and Choices (C&C) (https://compassionandchoices.org), and Death with Dignity National Center (http://www.deathwithdignity.org).

Additionally, there are 45 member organizations, as of March 2012, representing 25 countries of The World Federation of Right to Die Societies (
http://www.worldrtd.net). If you want more information, justification or rationalization about the right of self- determination at the end of life, see any of the web sites listed above.

    The only such active groups in Tucson and Green Valley are the local Final Exit Network (FEN) groups.  If you want me to speak to your group about this issue, or want to contact Tucson FEN, please click here.

    David Hume said (in his Essays on Suicide and the Immortality of the Soul):  “That suicide may often be consistent with interest and with our duty to ourselves no one can question, who allows that age, sickness, or misfortune may render life a burden, and make it worse than annihilation.”

    After the sentence quoted above Hume adds “I believe no man ever threw away life, while it was worth keeping. For such is our natural horror of death”, and Schopenhauer makes the same observation “But the terrors of death offer considerable resistance….”

    Schopenhauer was also confident about the rationality of suicide, “It will generally be found that, as soon as the terrors of life outweigh the terrors of death, a man will put an end to his life” (Parerga and Paralipomena).


 “Making someone die in a way that others approve, but he believes is a horrifying contradiction of his life,  is a devastating, odious form of tyranny.”  Ronald Dworkin in Life’s Dominion




How to Join and Become a Member of Final Exit Network:
Either call 866-654-9156 
or email
or join on line at www.finalexitnetwork.org

"Join us now so we may be with you later."




How Does Your Donation Help Final Exit Network?

Your donation goes to our national Final Exit Network (FEN) organization, yet helps our Arizona Affiliate greatly.

We are one of, if not the most, active affiliates in the country.
FEN national covers expenses incurred by our local volunteer leadership team.
         Donations help our local events, including:
● Advertising
● Brochures and other written material we distribute
● Rental of meeting places
● Sponsoring a FEN booth at a local seniors' exposition
● Handouts for our public meetings and training/educational members only events
● Signage, etc. These all add up, as you well know.

On the national level, your donations help with:
● A big expense is the transportation and lodging for the 40+ Exit Guides who fly across the country, two at a time, to be with our members as needed 
● National quarterly newsletter
● Another expense, regrettably, is for legal defense against scurrilous law suits
● And there are 3 women who are paid nominally to keep up national membership records, working from their homes. That's it: no offices, no staff.

 FEN does not have any slick telemarketers, planned giving campaigns, or fundraising agents. Donations come by word of mouth.

Please know that we thank you and are most appreciative of any donation you can give.

We depend upon volunteers. If there is any other way you would like to help, please contact:

John Abraham, AZ FEN Affiliate Coordinator
520-235-5646 or jlavet@earthlink.net 

 Two more ways your donations/memberships help:

● Your membership in FEN includes free use of the National US Living Will Registry.

● Your donations enable considerable training: now members who have no one else here may use well-equipped volunteers serving as Advocates.

These are not Exit Guides. They are what Arizona calls "Health Care Representative" or "Surrogate" who may take on Health Care Power of Attorney.
Please contact us for details about these.

Thank you once again.

"Be With Us Now so We May Be With You Later."

Please consider including FEN in your will.



Derek Humphry with John Abraham, Tucson November 2013
Derek Humphry with John Abraham, Tucson November 2013
Derek Humphry Addressing 300 Enthusiastic Listeners in Green Valley, November 2013
Derek Humphry Addressing 300 Enthusiastic Listeners in Green Valley, November 2013
Final Exit Network National Senior Medical Advisor
Dr. Richard "Dick" MacDonald Addressing about 70 of us Tucson, February 12, 2014